Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions is a Strategic Help service specializing in cloud policies, planning, migrations, and ongoing support. We take businesses from virtualization to cloud-based environments with a blend of on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions.

We strive to deliver our customers with easy-to-use, rich features, and purposeful solutions. Our core philosophy is to focus on choosing the right solution for each client, delivering unparalleled technical expertise, and providing exceptional service while establishing a firm commitment to customer satisfaction and successful outcomes

Enabling Businesses to innovate and transform their businesses

Why Cluesc for Cloud Solutions?

We at Cluesc, offer our customers an extensive range of cloud solutions that will enable your organization to move faster, lower costs, and fuel growth. A cloud environment is continuously changing, making it hard for businesses to instantly detect and respond to threats. With our cloud solutions, we help you detect and mitigate the associated risks in cloud framework. It protects your business from the 11 key security threats identified by the Cloud Security Alliance:

  1. Insider Threat
  2. Data breaches
  3. Absence of Cloud Security Strategy and Architecture
  4. Misconfiguration and Insufficient Change Control
  5. Insecure Interfaces and APIs
  6. Insufficient Identity, Access, Credential, and Key Management
  7. Account hijacking
  8. Weak Control Plane
  9. Limited Cloud Usage Visibility
  10. Meta structure and Applistructure Failures
  11. Abuse and Immoral Use of Cloud Services